Letter: County misguided in water dispute



I was disappointed that the March 17 Columbian online story “County continues legal battle against stormwater rules” failed to take a big-picture look at the issue of polluted runoff in Clark County. For me and other parents who would like to see our children live healthy, productive lives here, there is an urgency to find solutions to our water pollution problem. To me, clean water is essential for human health and plays a central part in our quality of life.

I appreciate the county’s honest effort to find a way to address the problem outside the state’s system, but it fell short — and I’m not willing to cut corners with my children’s future. Fortunately, I know there are real win-win solutions out there that don’t force us — as some folks would have us — to choose between development and clean water.

Green infrastructure fixes can deliver jobs in our communities, protect our waterways and keep Clark County a great place to live.

It’s time for the county to stop litigating and start innovating.

Carol Panfilio