Letter: Too many tours of duty



Staff Sgt. Robert Bales was on his fourth tour of duty in Afghanistan, after he had been told he wasn’t going for another tour of duty after his third tour. The U.S. Army cleared him for duty and ordered Bales to go to Afghanistan.

Some tours last a year or more. Some people call this staff sergeant a terrorist, but I call him a decorated hero, a husband and father who gave more than he should have as a soldier.

Maybe his flashbacks, etc., saw these people he allegedly killed as the enemy.

To me, one tour for one year is too much. Daily you hear or read about another veteran who after coming home from war has committed suicide, divorced his family, killed someone, became homeless, etc. To me this falls directly on our politicians and our military leaders who start these wars, and it’s our military veterans who have the blood on their hands and carry the blame just like after the Vietnam War.

I am a U.S. Army veteran with a 100 percent post-traumatic stress disorder, and my life, at times, has been a living hell.

Marlin Dunlap