Police capture man who they say fled from stolen car

Officer, dog find man hiding in a garage




Nine minutes after police say a man fled from a stolen car, an officer with a tracking dog captured him hiding in a garage in Vancouver’s Uptown Village.

About 4:35 p.m. Monday, the voice of a heavily breathing officer came over emergency radios, saying he was chasing the man near East Fourth Plain Boulevard and Main Street.

The suspect was said to be barefoot. Officers swiftly took positions at several areas in their patrol cars.

The officer who was running, Vancouver police Detective Ryan Demmon, radioed that the suspect could be in an open garage in the 2400 block of Broadway. The officer, a member of a Neighborhood Response Team, stayed focused on the garage until the K-9 team from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office arrived.

A resident of that address told police no one should be in the garage and that he had no animals that might clash with the tracking dog.

At 4:44 p.m., loud barks came over police radios and an officer radioed, “One in custody.”

Police were interested because the suspect, Ryan Enos, 29, had been seen in a stolen Acura, Sgt. Jeff Kipp said Monday night.

Kipp said Demmon saw the Acura, ran its license and learned it was stolen. Demmon had to turn his car around and, when he did, he spotted the suspect on foot and the footrace began.

Enos, hometown unavailable, was taken to the Clark County Jail on suspicion of possessing a stolen car and for a previously issued warrant, Kipp said.

The Acura was found nearby.

The dog didn’t bite Enos, Kipp said.

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