Letter: Religion is a personal matter



In response to E. Bruce Preece’s March 21 letter, “Resistance to new law still active,” and others who oppose the same-sex marriage bill based on their religious beliefs, I remind them that our government is not based on biblical injunctions. The Constitution is thoroughly secular; the First Amendment wisely created a wall of separation between church and state.

Preece speaks of “traditional” marriage. Traditional means nothing more than a culture passed from one generation to another. Neither tradition or religion justify denying equal rights and freedoms to any citizen. Preece says “the counterfeit alternative of gay marriage can never lead to the completeness made possible through the ‘sealing’ of a man and woman and the joy of a ‘posterity.’”

I’ve been in a “traditional” marriage for 22 years with two great kids. What defines our marriage as joyful is our loyalty, faithfulness, love and support for each other, not how many babies we produced. Had we not been able to produce any progeny, would it make us less worthy as human beings?

Religion is a personal matter. It cannot be used to form public policy. Don’t use faith to justify prejudice against others.

Jane Sturm

Battle Ground