Portland activists to march for Trayvon Martin



Portland — On Saturday, March 31 at Peninsula Park, Occupy Portland activist and candidate for mayor Cameron Whitten is pairing up with a new organization named ‘Trayvon’s Mothers’ to march in demand of justice for Trayvon Martin, the 17 year old African-American male who was gunned down in Florida last month.

The march comes a week after the latest rally held at the same location, where many church leaders compared Trayvon Martin’s death to the case of Aaron Campbell, a 25 year old African-American Portland resident who was fatally shot by a Portland Police Officer in 2010.

“There is so much unrest within Communities of Color across the nation. I’m only twenty years old. I could still be the next Trayvon Martin. Unarmed black youth are often profiled as gangsters, then murdered in cold blood. This tragedy continues to happen to people of color in America, and it needs to be stopped,” said Whitten.

The gathering is scheduled for 10am, with a march through North Portland beginning at 11am. Trayvon’s Mothers hopes this demonstration will instill a sense of community in Portland and motivate people of all colors to speak out for justice and racial harmony.

For more information, visit the Trayvon’s Mothers Facebook page