‘Dear Grandma’ scammer tries Ogden



Ogden — Will scammers never cease? The latest edition of the Ogden Neighborhood Association newsletter says a neighbor recently received a “Dear Grandma” phone call.

“This is a common scam in which the caller claims to be a grandson or granddaughter who was in a car accident and needs money wired for medical expenses,” the newsletter says. A variation is the “mugged overseas and need money” scam, which tends to arrive by email. And then there’s that Nigerian prince constantly needing to sneak a fortune out of his country.

According to the FBI, senior citizens often have “nest eggs” and were raised to be polite and trusting — making them excellent targets for scammers. The FBI advises against doing unsolicited business over the phone or online. “Get proof before you give money or personal information,” the Ogden newsletter adds.