Infinitely delicious: Ridgefield math students study, eat pi(e)



Ridgefield — Pie is a crusty baked treat often filled with fruit. And pi is a mathematical constant — the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter — often shortened to 3.14 (but calculable out to infinity).

Math teachers and students in Ridgefield enjoyed putting them together on March 14, “Pi Day.”

In Terri Buruse’s math class at Union Ridge Elementary, students measured circles, cylinders and rings; in Nam Nguyen’s class at View Ridge Middle, students took on the challenge of memorizing as much pi as possible. Third place was Nathan Herz, who recited 64 digits; second place was Izzy Mocca, who mastered 72 digits; and the first place winner was Daliah Ponce, who recited a real mouthful of pi: 83 digits. All students were rewarded with actual pie, of course.