JetBlue pilot’s unraveling baffles friends



RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (AP) — Friends of a JetBlue Airways captain facing criminal charges after screaming about terrorists and religion on a Las Vegas-bound flight say the story baffles them.

Clayton Osbon is charged with interfering with a flight crew. The 49-year-old veteran JetBlue pilot was still being medically evaluated at a Texas hospital near where his plane was forced to make an emergency landing this week.

Federal prosecutors say Osbon’s behavior grew increasingly erratic during Flight 191 from New York on Tuesday. Investigators say Osbon rambled to his co-pilot about religion and was later wrestled to the ground by passengers in the cabin.

Neighbors in Osbon’s secluded waterfront community near Savannah, Ga., described him as affable and nonthreatening. Friends and fellow pilots couldn’t recall him having any previous health or mental problems.