Letter: Hate is not the way of Jesus



First off, I’d like to say I’m not an activist. I’m not really political. I am, however, a native Washingtonian, born in Vancouver. So you can imagine my horror, disgust and anger when driving south on Interstate 5 on March 17.

I saw a group of activists on the I-5 overpass on Evergreen Boulevard holding their hate-filled signs and banners claiming their moral superiority when it comes to marriage. They claim the moral high ground when it comes to who others spend their lives with.

They do not represent Vancouver or the great liberal Northwest. In fact, they don’t even represent the religion they tacitly adhere to. Jesus would be washing the feet of every last patient in the AIDS ward, gay or straight. The activists I saw are small-minded homophobes whom Jesus would have hated had he been capable of hating. The overpass they protested from, the freeway on which the drivers were driving on, the car they drove in to get there … a percentage of all were most likely built by homosexuals.

If I were Christian, I’d be ashamed. No, wait. I’m ashamed anyway.

Ross Hunter Morgan