Bits ‘n’ Pieces: Vancouvria filmmakers look to finance 2nd season



A popular Internet-based comedy series that pokes fun at life in Vancouver is looking for help to film more episodes.

Brighton West, a Portland filmmaker, launched “Vancouvria” in December as a spoof on “Portlandia,” a sketch comedy show on the Independent Film Channel about life in Portland.

West, 39, has produced five episodes of “Vancouvria” through YouTube at

So far, the channel has received about 45,000 hits. West and his crew would like to put together a special season finale and start work on a second season that would debut on the Web when the new season of “Portlandia” airs in December.

This week he launched a Kickstarter project to help raise $3,500 to produce those episodes at The fundraiser will run though April 26.

“We hope to make a really big season finale and pay for the next season, which we’ll film this summer,” West said. “It would be great because we haven’t even been able to pay our actors or crew yet.”

Those working on the show are from both Portland and Vancouver. The writers have finished a few scripts for season two, he said.

The money will pay for equipment rentals, makeup, props and food for the cast and crew during filming. It takes about eight hours to film each episode, he said.

If he can’t get the funding, West still hopes to produce a season finale, he added.

“We still want to do a finale, but it probably wouldn’t be as big,” West said. “We’re hoping some people like the show enough to pledge $10 so we can keep it going. We’d love to have more community support.”

— Sue Vorenberg

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