Police: Boy, 10, found on MAX train is from Vancouver

Autistic child, 10, put in foster care amid investigation




Portland police on Monday said the 10-year-old autistic boy found alone on a MAX train Friday in Northeast Portland is from Vancouver.

The boy was found on a MAX platform at Northeast 60th Avenue at 6:30 p.m. Friday. Citizens told police the boy had boarded the westbound MAX train at the Gateway Transit Center.

According to Portland police, someone who knows the boy’s mother helped police identify him on Friday. On Saturday, the boy’s mother called police and was told that her son had been placed with the Oregon Department of Human Services.

DHS and Washington Child Protective Services are conducting an investigation.

“Once a child is taken into temporary foster care, within 24 hours the case and the child needs to go before a juvenile judge,” said Gene Evans, communications director for Oregon DHS.

Although he couldn’t get details on this specific case, he said in general the judge would decide if the child would go home, live with a relative or be put in foster care.

Family members, neighbors, teachers and families of students called police to identify the boy after seeing his photo in the media, police said Monday.

Portland Sgt. Pete Simpson said multiple witnesses came forward with different accounts of the story. Police are trying to piece together the story of how the boy got from Vancouver to Portland, he said.