Letter: Coal-export plan is flawed



I am pleased to see that the Environmental Protection Agency wants a full review of the proposed plan to ship large amounts of coal from Wyoming and Montana to West Coast ports by rail so it can be sent to Asia. I am adamantly opposed to this plan, especially the proposal to ship large quantities of coal through the Columbia Gorge Scenic Area. The air and noise pollution could severely degrade the environment in the Gorge and the towns and cities along the way.

Another issue, which I have not seen addressed, is whether we should even be shipping great amounts of nonrenewable resources to other countries such as China. I doubt that China is much of a friend to this country and there may some a day when we need to fall back on those nonrenewable resources.

I hope that the coal-export plan is never approved, however this is probably too much to expect when big money is involved.

Douglas Gilson