Letter: Military flights are necessary



In response to James E. Hurley’s April 25 letter, Nancy Pelosi did not have a military jet fly her to and from San Francisco when she was Speaker of the House. The military flights are a security measure deemed necessary for the public official who is second in line for the presidency. The military did upgrade the aircraft to something more suitable for long flights to and from the West Coast.

The aircraft tempest in a teapot was covered thoroughly at the time Pelosi was speaker. But perhaps Hurley and his website still think that they are more qualified than the military to decide which aircraft is most suitable. Or perhaps Hurley would like Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler to introduce legislation to rescind the flights, given that less security is needed for the public official who is second in line for the presidency now that Osama bin Laden is no longer with us, thanks to a SEAL team authorized by President Obama.

If Herrera Beutler were to ascend to Speaker of the House, I’m sure Hurley will keep a close eye on her means of transport between Washington, D.C., and her home district. I personally am willing to let the military handle the assignment in its usual capable and professional manner.

Gayle Meltesen