Day of prayer gets extension locally



Pastor Flor Nunez of TrueLife Churchwas among those who participated in a National Day of Prayer event Thursday at Vancouver City Hall

The National Day of Prayer, always the first Thursday in May, was just the beginning for some of the Clark County faithful. That’s because a Global Day of Prayer also takes place every year on the Day of Pentecost — which changes from year to year. In 2012, it’s May 27, which also happens to be the Sunday before Memorial Day. So, organizers of the annual Day of Prayer in Clark County decided to pull all that praying power together into a “24 x 24 Clark County Prayer.”

Starting Thursday with gatherings at noon at Vancouver City Hall and in the evening in Battle Ground, Camas and Hazel Dell, local congregations have been encouraged to pick one day between May 3 and May 27 and keep the blessings flowing for 24 hours. Take a look at Clark County Prayer Connect to learn more.