Letter: A little cleanup can go a long way



I’d like to address the fast-food businesses in Salmon Creek. I’m sure it is difficult to keep those business properties clean with so many of the customers simply tossing their wrappers, cups, and other fast-food containers on the parking lots each day. I applaud their efforts. Unfortunately, the littering doesn’t stop there.

Many of these customers routinely toss their fast-food trash throughout the surrounding neighborhoods and nearby highways. I would like to suggest that the fast-food industry ask their employees to volunteer to occasionally canvass the area and pick up the trash thrown there. Hardest hit are Northeast 129th Street, Northeast 134th Street, Northeast Tenney Road, the nearby southbound entrance ramp to Interstate 5, and Highway 99 from Northeast 134th Street to Northeast 117th Street.

Adopting portions of Interstate 5 for litter pickup in this area would provide free advertising for the fast-food business while at the same time help to keep this highway clean. This goodwill effort would be much appreciated by the neighborhood.

Larry Miller