Letter: Fees too high; road access too low



In Washington we have a forest pass for Gifford Pinchot and so many other areas I can’t keep track of them. Gifford Pinchot is a huge forest area. Tickets are common and so is avoiding these “passes” by parking off the asphalt on the edges of the road. Washington has a large laundry list of passes you need to keep track of for many types of access. There are also no trespassing, permit parking only, and no parking signs galore, be it private or timber land.

Many access roads and logging roads are the only way to get to where you want to go. Often they are locked now, for reasons of liability or the common answer of “vandalism” of equipment. Obscure spots are pillaged by lousy logging practices so that fishermen, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts get squeezed into fewer places.

With all these park and access fees, you would think the planting programs for fish and access reparations from winter damages would be adequately funded rather than just be left to further erode.

I am sick of the fees and overmanagement, the closures, and the kowtowing to business and monopolizing interests.

Leslie Enge