Letter: Celebrate the value of our teachers



This week has been designated to celebrate teachers in our nation. A teacher has touched everyone. It is a rare day that you drive by a school and don’t notice a car or two, in the parking lot, indicating a teacher is busy at work preparing for lessons ahead or evaluating lessons past.

During the past decade, teachers have become the victims of a nationwide media blitz that has criticized their work and attacked their professionalism. Let’s take this opportunity to lift up our schools, our children and these professionals. Let’s boost their confidence and show our appreciation.

We challenge each citizen to lift our schools in prayer during this week to celebrate teachers. Pray for our schools. Pray for our government officials who make decisions that impact the quality of our resources. Pray for our students, and, yes, pray for our teachers. Pray that they will have the wisdom to guide our students well. Pray that they will know that we appreciate the long hours they work and the importance of the job they do.

Bob and Ellen Joslin