Letter: Improper dress disrupts focus



I’ve been thinking about how inappropriately many teens dress in high school. Girls are wearing skirts so short they might as well have been wearing only underwear. Boys have a good 6 inches of their boxers exposed to the world. As a student, I find it’s hard to focus on academics when being exposed to so much.

I’m not saying that schools should demand uniforms but stricter dress codes need to be required and followed through on. An increase of staff watching and stopping teens who are dressed inappropriately will help kids understand that the dress code is serious. Another way to get teens to take the dress code seriously is to get parents involved by calling or emailing a parent if a child is constantly coming to school dressed improperly.

While some students say a dress code violates their freedom of expression, I would argue that one can be creative and appropriate at the same time. And once outside of school, a teen can wear whatever they desire. Having a stronger watchdog system and more rules will help teens focus on their studies.

Evelina Khriptiyevskiy