Summertime burn ban planned for DNR lands



Olympia — A statewide ban will limit burning this summer on public lands protected by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, the department announced Monday.

The burn ban will apply to all DNR-protected lands between July 1 and Sept. 30. It will not apply to federal lands.

Officials approved the ban in an effort to reduce the threat of wildfires during the dry summer months. Already this year, escaped burn piles have caused 35 fires covering 434 acres of land, according to DNR. The department aims to keep all wildfires under 10 acres.

This year’s burn ban applies to all outdoor burning, but will not apply to recreational fires — as long as they’re in approved fire pits within designated campgrounds. Self-contained gas stoves and barbecues will also be allowed. If necessary, DNR-approved prescribed fires used for forest management will continue during the ban.

The state burn ban will take priority over all others in effect on DNR lands.