T-Mobile goes back to lampooning AT&T iPhone



NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Six months after AT&T’s deal to buy T-Mobile USA collapsed, T-Mobile’s TV ads are going back on the attack against a favorite target: AT&T.

Philipp Humm, the CEO of T-Mobile, showed off a new ad Tuesday that features T-Mobile, represented by a woman on a motorcycle, blowing past a surprised man on a slower motorcycle on a desert road. The man represents the iPhone on AT&T’s network, according to the voiceover.

The ad recalls other attack ads T-Mobile showed a year and a half ago. They likened the iPhone to a young man carrying on his back a frumpy middle-aged man who represented AT&T’s data network. The message: AT&T’s network slows down the iPhone.

Those ads disappeared last year, when AT&T offered to buy T-Mobile for $39 billion.