Letter: Balance clearly illustrated



I find it funny that in his April 22 letter, “Cartoon too demeaning,” Jack McFarland, upset about a political cartoon, accuses the Columbian of being “obvious in its left bent,” and the very next day, the paper prints a cartoon showing President Obama “cutting down” the judicial branch of government. I feel that cartoon is completely incorrect — all Obama did was express an opinion, as any sitting president would have — but I will not be screaming that the paper has an “obvious right bent,” or that this is taking things “too far” or reaching a “new low.” In the first place, it’s just a cartoon. Secondly, reporting in the Columbian is actually very evenly balanced. If they have any slant at all, it is usually valuing intelligence over ignorance, and intelligent people can disagree without name calling.

Even though I disagree with some of the editorial conclusions, I applaud the obvious efforts The Columbian makes to continually present real news along with thoughtful opinions from all sides.

Roy G. Wilson