Letter: Glad Judge Poyfair has retired



Regarding the May 5 Columbian story, “Retired judge’s court demeanor censured,” I’ve wondered about Judge Edwin Poyfair’s in-court attitude since my one-time encounter with him. My wife and I were to re-adopt our new Chinese daughter so that she may receive an American birth certificate. Every Friday afternoon at 1:30 was re-adoption time. Judge Poyfair walked in, looked at the three of us and asked what we were there for. He rummaged through our file, asked us some questions and when I couldn’t answer them fast enough, he chastised me for that. He then signed our papers and warned me never to show up in his courtroom again, as if I had criminal intent.

What I thought was going to be a very happy day in our lives turned into a verbal beating session. Since then, my wife and I have adopted another girl from China and need to repeat the court process. This time, the episode should be more enjoyable, since it won’t be before Judge Poyfair.

Andreas Mueller