Letter: One man can’t solve jobs issue



The May 5 editorial cartoon showed President Obama slamming a small football named “bin Laden” into the ground while a much larger football named “Jobs” was being offered to him. However such a cartoon appeals to the partisans, might I suggest that such does little to address the real problems that I would hope the newspapers would try to address.

The president has little or no power to put people back to work. Of course, he can propose ways to add jobs such as a massive government works program — and he can propose rebuilding our aging highways, water systems, electric grid, sewer systems, etc. But, the real reasons behind our terrible job losses are not within the powers of the president to correct.

Aside from the cuts imposed by Congress and state Legislatures, job losses stem from global competition, automation, corporate greed and other factors.

I suggest that newspapers concentrate on presenting in-depth reporting of real problems and solutions. With thoughtful analysis and information, we just might be able to bully our pathetic politicians to do something of benefit to our country instead of caring about nothing but how to get re-elected.

James S. Roberts