Letter: Sign petitions to defend marriage



There is a way that leads unto life and a way that leads to death. All are choosing, even if unaware of that fact. The way to death may “seem” right, easy and broad, even popular. The way to life can be restrictive and narrow.

As a believer in the Bible, I must speak the truth for all those willing to hear. Homosexual behavior is contrary to God’s Word, to our health and welfare, as individuals and as a society. Those who understand truth will understand this. Those who are caught up in a post-modern relativity, without absolutes, making their own definitions of right and wrong, will not agree.

Through observation and history most people comprehend the importance of marriage between one man and one woman to be the best institution for the propagating and nurturing of children — our posterity.

Those who accept these principles need to act now, to stand for righteousness and truth, not make-believe “truth.” The defense and protection of marriage is the responsibility of all who believe in eternal truths. Petitions are now circulating for Referendum 74 and Initiative 1192, to protect and preserve marriage as God ordained it.

Red Warren