Letter: Trash is everyone’s problem



Reading Larry Miller’s May 5 letter “A little cleanup can go a long way,” he suggests employees of fast-food businesses should volunteer to pick up trash. Excuse me, but does Miller think these employees have nothing else to do, such as: attend school, do homework, work a second job, take care of their families, etc.? Minimum-wage jobs aren’t done just for fun.

Trash is discarded everywhere. Maybe we need an Occupy movement to address the need for each and all to share concern and responsibility for care of our community. Maybe neighborhood associations could organize residents to plan and do trash pickup in their areas. Maybe all businesses in a close area could share the expense of an adequately trained and safety-clothed employee to retrieve trash around their businesses and parking lots. Maybe someone else has other suggestions.

Trash is a problem, not just for aesthetics but also the environment. Please, everyone be responsible for proper disposal of your own trash.

Rae Matheson