Letter: Julia’s life is no utopia



By now I’m sure most of you have met Julia. If not, you can find her at http://www.barackobama.com/life-of-julia/.

Evidence suggests that Julia began her life in a test tube since there is no record of a mother, father, sister or brother ever being part of her life. Like Julia, her son seems to have been conceived in a petri dish as a boyfriend or husband was also missing from Julia’s life.

The one constant in Julia’s life, however, is Barack Obama and the giant dark shadow of government hovering overhead. Julia is the progressives’ ideal woman living from birth to death in Obama’s utopia.

From early learning, food and housing assistance to Social Security, Julia had hundreds of programs to secure her every need.

Some of us may have a guardian angel, but Julia had the outstretched arms of an all-knowing, all-caring bureaucratic leviathan. To be honest, Julia’s life is rather creepy; but even more disturbing is that this is the life wished for all of us by the progressive caretakers who share Barack Obama’s vision. When will this nightmare end, or are we doomed to a life of Julia?

Vote Nov. 6, 2012. Your life may depend on it.

Lynn Costello