Letter: Response is over the top



My sympathies to the Clark County Democrats represented by Ed Cote. Reading the May 11 story “Local man greets president,” Cote said he was “thrilled and tongue-tied” as he watched Air Force One and its occupants arrive at Boeing Field in Seattle on May 10. Was he most thrilled when he realized that Air Force One was burning taxpayer dollars at the rate of $181,000 per hour just to get there; or, could it have been when he saw “the amateur,” as ex-President Clinton once called President Obama. Maybe it was when he saw that annual finalist in the 100th Smartest Senator Competition, Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., trailing Obama down the stairs.

In any event, it is clear that Cote must get all dewy-eyed for some odd reasons. With any luck at all, the country will be able to eliminate all of those threats to Cote’s equanimity in November.

Similarly, Clark County Democrats might think about someone interested in substance rather than ceremony when selecting their representatives to the Democratic Party.

Don Newell