Letter: Streets too dangerous for bicycles



Lately I have noticed in the paper that there have been quite a number of accidents between a bicycle and a car or truck. In one case it was a very young boy and in others adults or young adults on bicycles were involved.

What you have is a 10-pound bicycle, doing 5 mph, and a rider with little personal protection competing for the same space on a road with a 6,000-pound truck doing 40 mph. Putting the two together just is not good sense.

Perhaps it is time to do with the bicycle what was done with horses. Get them completely off the streets. We need to get them off the streets if for no other reason than their own safety.

Maybe a way to do this would be to require that every bicycle be licensed much like a car, and the funds from this licensing be used to make safe bicycle trails. Perhaps purchase old abandoned railroad tracks and convert them to bicycle trails. I am sure that bicycle riders would appreciate a safe and clean place to ride.

And like the horses, the time has come to get them off the dangerous streets.

William T. Stokes