Letter: It’s easy to blame it all on Obama



On my way to work this morning, I passed a group of bleary-eyed middle-schoolers. Moments later I was passed by an Oregon-plated SUV with a middle-school-aged girl in the passenger seat. The vehicle was emblazoned with a “Remember $1.25/gallon? Blame Obama” slogan painted on the side window. Gas was last $1.25 nearly 15 years ago.

I remember when “the man with the star” washed my windshield and checked the oil. Is President Obama to blame for that, too? If fuel costs are troubling the driver so much, why doesn’t the child ride the bus with the neighbor kids?

Why does this individual driving an Oregon-plated vehicle feel it’s OK to live here and drive on our roads but not pay as much to maintain them?

Ignorance, laziness and selfish greed are not admirable character traits.

Kenneth Williams