Stoned in the woods in Eastern Washington, volcanic ash clouds, fallout blew their minds




I was in Eastern Washington, north of Spokane.

My husband and I heard the sound of what we thought was distant dynamite in the morning and thought nothing of it.

We had eaten marijuana cookies around 11 and went down on our meadow to play frisbee. It turns out the marijuana was stronger than we anticipated, and we felt like laying down next to the creek.

We began seeing the weirdest clouds, which we attributed to “being high.” They looked like creatures.

We suddenly realized that we both felt ill, actually poisoned by the strong cookies and so my husband had to carry me up to our cabin. We decided to eat a lot of rice to counteract the marijuana overdose, and then we went to bed.

We slept for some hours, and then I woke up first. I was still feeling a bit ‘altered’ and I opened the door to the cabin and lo and behold, the entire earth was GREY. Covered in the most bizarre grey snow-like substance.

We were cut off from television but had a small transistor radio.

I woke my husband up, saying, ” I have no idea what is going on but it’s like there’s been a nuclear blast or something outside.”

When we turned on the radio, the first thing we heard was: “We’re all in this together.”

We were terrified. WHAT had happened?!?

Eventually, we learned about Mount St. Helens and were told we shouldn’t drive because our car engine could be ruined by the ash.

We had eaten pretty much the last of our food when we ate the rice. We didn’t live there….we were only visiting for the day.

The next couple days we ate out of cans and twiddled our thumbs until they told us it was safe to drive on the roads.

It’s been MANY years since I used drugs, and I’m not trying to promote this, however, it does make an excellent story, don’t you think?