Talking Points: Straight to the point



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Question: Talking Points, Did you enjoy New York Rangers coach John Tortorella’s post-game performance on Wednesday?

Answer: No.

Q: But weren’t you impressed with the way he sapped the reporters’ will to ask questions, effectively limiting the opportunity to learn anything and ending the ordeal in 1 minute and 17 seconds?

A: We already answered that.

Q: If Tortorella had said anything meaningful — slamming either his own team or the Devils — wouldn’t the New York press have taken that and printed it, perhaps dooming the poor coach’s team to failure so close to the Stanley Cup finals?

A: We’re keeping that opinion in the newsroom.

Q: Will the hullabaloo over Torts’ non-press conference create enough buzz that fans actually start to figure out that the NHL playoffs are more compelling than the NBA’s?

A: We’re keeping that opinion in the newsroom.

Q: Who would you rather interview after a loss: Tortorella, or Chip Kelly?

Answer: We’ll keep that in the newsroom.

Q: As Rangers fans, how will you feel if Tortorella is fined by the NHL for his “performance.”

A: Just fine.

Q: Thought this was Talking Points? Why no talking?

A: What’s your point?


As Rangers fans, how do you feel about Tortorella being fined for his “performance.”

Just fine.

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