Weather Eye: Here come the clouds, cooler days and threats of showers




I didn’t like the satellite picture over the Pacific late Saturday afternoon. Instead of a nice ridge of high pressure shunting clouds to our north, there is a massive area of clouds gathering.

It’s nothing really organized right now but setting up for a deep trough of low pressure that will remain off our coast all week, allowing weather systems to rotate around and swing inland for showers off and on. The sunny skies and warm temperatures have moved down to California.

Of course we should have some sunbreaks, but the rain will threaten for a while. The short term climate forecast suggests a warm and dry East Coast while we slide into a cooler, wetter regime. Well, at least our little dry spell was nice while it lasted!

There were still reports of scattered frost in the outlying areas early Saturday morning, with lows in the 30s. As we swing into the new week, we will cool down into the low 60’s for highs — way below average. There could be a day or two that we struggle to make even the 60 degree mark. We’re reverting to the first few days of May, it seems.

A partial solar eclipse is this afternoon, but alas, clouds will most likely obscure it. As we head into the last days of May, of course we wonder about Memorial Day weekend and the Rose Festival activities that will follow. Remember the pesky Rose Festival Low that often sets up over us? Enough said.

At least it was perfect weather once again for the Hazel Dell Parade of Bands. Enjoy your new week, everyone, and we will chat on Tuesday!

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at