Letter: Many benefits of Millennium Bulk



My family and I work at the proposed coal export facility in Longview, called Millennium Bulk Terminals. My father has been at this site for almost 40 years. My sisters and I were raised coming here for holiday parties and summer picnics. I have worked at this site for six years, and my son has worked here for four years. There are several families that work here. Millennium provides family-wage jobs for more than 30 workers currently, and dozens of contractors.

Millennium is focused and committed to doing business with exceptional worker safety, environmental responsibility and community involvement. They provide workers with top-of-the-line safety equipment and personal protective equipment and conduct extensive safety training.

Millennium is conducting environmental studies to make sure our operations are responsible and fully compliant with all regulations. Next week we are hosting an educational workshop for local high school students in engineering and chemistry career opportunities.

I am proud to work for such an involved and dedicated company.

Michelle Alward