Letter: Powerful solution: More bike lanes



If we were to ban bicycles from public streets, as suggested by William T. Stokes’ May 16 letter, “Streets too dangerous for bicycles,” we would be moving in the wrong direction. Stokes argues that, for safety’s sake, cyclists should be banned from streets, citing the weight advantage for vehicles when they come in contact with a bicycle. If we follow this argument, you would also have to ban pedestrians, as they have an even greater weight disadvantage and they also die in accidents.

As a pedestrian who walks my dog every morning; a cyclist who rides for exercise and enjoyment several times per week; and a motorist who commutes, I feel compelled to argue instead for the following: more bike lanes and fewer distracted people.

More bike lanes would allow recreational cyclists as well as those who are commuting a safer path — the converted railways Stokes proposes do not solve this issue.

No matter if you walk, bike, or drive, focus on the task at hand instead of multitasking. Leave your phone in your bag, pack, purse or pocket when you walk, ride a bike, or drive a vehicle. Most people follow the law and are courteous, but I see too many people who are not paying attention in my daily travels.

Matt Camp