Letter: Improve school lunches



School lunches are unhealthy and not of high quality. I think they should be improved. Currently, we have quite a few “mystery meats” at my middle school. Our meat is usually pink in the middle and we never have very much to go with the main part of the meal. These so-called lunches cost $2.40 and we simply get a slice of greasy pizza or whatever is being served that day. I think they should serve grilled chicken sandwiches instead of pizza. Also, our salad bar only consists of some canned fruit and if we’re lucky, some slices of cucumber.

Adults are concerned about the health of children. If they want us to eat healthier, start by improving school lunches. This is what the first lady wants for us and I know students would be happy with any change. Students have been eating these type of school meals for years and Michelle Obama just now did something about it. Someone should begin to get these changes made since the new rules for government standards passed early this year. Please hurry up.

Kasey Hiblar

La Center