Dog dragged through truck stop, loses foot pads



TROUTDALE, Ore. (AP) — Troutdale police say they’ve arrested four people on charges of dragging a dog leashed to their vehicle 600 feet through a truck stop, tearing off most of the animal’s foot pads and nails.

The police said the suspects appeared to be living in the 1992 Jeep Cherokee and told officers Monday they’d forgotten the dog was tied to the passenger side.

Bystanders told police the dog, named Rhino, bled heavily as it tried to keep up with the vehicle moving about 10 mph.

The four, aged 20 and 21, were booked on animal abuse counts. The dog, part pit bull, was treated at a veterinary clinic and may be placed with the county animal control agency.

Officers said they found a rabbit, two cats and a snake in the vehicle.