Letter: Romney has history of bully tactics



Whether I vote Republican or Democrat makes no difference here.

I feel that Mitt Romney is a bully in all of his dealings, whether it with this prank as a young man, with Medicare recipients or with women. He has a mind-set that is all about what he can take from others. The rights of all middle-class and economically challenged individuals are being dragged through the dirt and beaten to death.

The elderly have nothing to stand on. You cut their Medicare services and they will have no medical recourse left.

Who is going to make up the difference? Not Romney.

If you cut women’s services, there will be an influx of unwanted babies. Who is going to pay for them? Not Romney.

Where is the justice and equality in this great country of ours? Not with Romney.

Quit putting money into the campaign pockets of presidential candidates. Let them pay totally for their own campaigns and put those other funds into the country’s deficit. With what the candidates spent in the last few months we could have had the deficit paid down.

Jacqueline M. Cruz