Talking Points: Don’t you know who I am, Part II?



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


First off, the dude’s name is Joe Smith. Which sounds like he is trying to be anonymous. Or it’s a fake name athletes use to sign into hotels when they are not with their wives.

Anyway, this guy name Joe Smith did not have his I.D. with him when he went to a bar in Cleveland the other night. The bouncer was not impressed when Joe Smith said he was Joe Smith, a pitcher with the Cleveland Indians.


Yeah, really, who? Most relief pitchers, unless they are closers, can easily slip past the public without much fanfare. So it should not come to a surprise to Joe Smith that he was not recognized.

We do not think anyone should ever use the “Do you know who I am?” move when dealing with authority. However, if it must be done, be sure there are people besides your girlfriend and her mom — people who were with Joe Smith that night — who actually might know who you are.


So the Miami Heat are now up 3-2 in their series with the Indiana Pacers. They have the edge, and it looks like they will survive this round, even without Chris Bosh.

When Bosh went down with his muscle injury, there were many NBA analysts suggesting the Heat were in trouble.

Of course, these were the same analysts who blasted Bosh last year. Remember, the Heat Dream Team did not always play well last season. Miami’s Big Three were called Two-and-a-Half Men, with Bosh being called the half. Some even suggested that Bosh was getting in the way, that LeBron James and Dwyane Wade would be better off without him.

But this year, if the Heat do lose, the same analysts will excuse the Heat because of the injury to Bosh.

Sometimes, we really hate the instant analysis world we live in these days.

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