Letter: Add bicycle lanes for safer biking



In regard to the debate over proposed solutions to recent bicycle and car accidents where injury or death of the bicycle rider occurs, I agree with Matt Camp’s May 20 letter, “Powerful solution: More bike lanes.”

I do not think that doing away with bicycle traffic is a smart decision at all. If you want to improve the safety of bicyclists, make more or wider bike lanes.

Being a 17-year-old Running Start student with only a part-time job, I ride my bike as much as possible. Doing so not only saves me money, but gives me a virtually no-cost workout. If the state were to stop funding for the inclusion of bike lanes on roads, then I don’t know how I would be able to have enough money to go all the places I want to.

Overall, the issue can be boiled down to this: Be safe and smart. If you are a bicyclist, be careful and conscientious to the traffic around you, and if you are a motorist, be smart and pay attention.

Bikes and bicyclists have every right that you do when riding on the same roads. Be safe and smart, and the number of injuries and fatalities in bike accidents will decrease drastically.

Max Whittle