Letter: Reject same-sex marriage law



Robert B. Goodsell’s May 21 letter, “Some certainties aren’t so absolute,” takes issue with Red Warren’s letter urging registered voters to sign petitions to allow the citizens of Washington state to vote “no” on the redefinition of marriage recently passed by the Legislature and signed by the governor. I agree with Warren: Traditional marriage needs to be supported, not redefined.

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Seattle, J. Peter Sartain, testified before the Legislature in January in support of traditional marriage. He has since encouraged Catholics to sign the referendum petition. His testimony and reasoned support for traditional marriage can be found at http://www.seattlearchdiocese.org (click on The Redefinition of Marriage and then click on Marriage Common Good and Referendum 74).

Marriage is the most important institution of our society and culture. It has been under attack for decades by heterosexual groups like Playboy Magazine, which devalue the procreative and unitive meanings of human sexual intimacy: making new lives in a for-life relationship between a man and a woman.

Traditional marriage is a God-given natural institution, which government ought to protect, not undermine. Go to http://www.PreserveMarriageWashington.com to find out how to help defend traditional marriage.

Gerry Parmantier