Letter: Commit to keeping dog parks clean



In response to recent letters regarding dog parks, Dog Owners Group for Park Access in Washington is a nonprofit entity relying on donations and paid memberships to survive. Key to the continued existence of these wonderful parks is the volunteers and users who keep the parks clean and maintained.

DOGPAW doesn’t receive city, county, state or federal funding. The funds we raise go to build and maintain the five dog parks in Clark County including waste management, mowing, and fencing. We do partner with Vancouver-Clark Parks & Recreation and others for land so our community can have dog parks. It is necessary to close the parks every now and then for maintenance. For safety, it’s best that dogs are not in the area when maintenance is occurring. We strive to provide clean, safe parks where dogs can socialize and exercise. We are lucky to live in a community that provides the fantastic parks such as we have here in Clark County.

When you are at a dog park, pick up after your dog. Commit to pick up one piece of trash during each visit. Volunteer for a work party. There are many ways you can help keep our parks in top condition. Visit our website at http://www.clarkdogpaw.org.

Jeff Adams