UPDATE: Police find mom of 3 abandoned kids



Female infant found abandoned in a shed.

Female toddler found abandoned in a shed.

Male toddler found abandoned in a shed.

UPDATE: Portland police say the mother of the children has been located. Additional tips are not needed at this time, according to a news release.

Original story:

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Portland police are trying to solve the mystery of two young children and an infant who were found abandoned in a shed.

Police responded Thursday after a man reported hearing children’s voices coming from a shed behind his southeast Portland property. Officers found a boy and a girl, both believed to be under the age of 3, and an infant girl between eight and 15 months old.

Lt. Robert King says homeless people in the area told officers that an unidentified woman dropped the children off the night before.

It’s not known whether the children are siblings.

They have been taken into protective custody.