Letter: Protest paramount to basic rights



Letters printed in The Columbian appear to be reactionary — people ready to ride out to “fix” what they see as outrageous behavior by the Occupy movements and others who are working for economic and social justice.

Thomas Sowell’s May 15 column, “Powers that be allow moral infrastructure to crumble,” is not surprising as he’s a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, known as an ultra-conservative, right-wing organization. Does he not remember the civil rights movement, women’s movement, workers’ rights struggle? Without these demonstrations and civil disobedience these rights would not exist today.

The people out in the forefront are heroic in their struggle to open the eyes of those who are unaware. If fingers are pointing, then point out some of the issues brought to bear in the current movements:

  1. Cost of war in Iraq and Afghanistan is $3 trillion and counting; 225,000 dead. Another $1.283 trillion on the so-called “war on terror.”

  2. Think about the 15 percent of this country in poverty.

  3. U.S. multimillion-dollar weapons sales to countries with repressive regimes.

The world’s beliefs teach us to love one another and protect our Earth. We can only change the world by our care and respect for this basic law, while there is time.

Patricia Dell Veneri

La Center