Letter: Too early to ask for more



We are far from being out of the economic mess that materialized several years ago. We are still engaged in costly wars; people are still out of work and fighting to keep their homes; and local citizens still dream of a city that can patch their roads and manage city business at the same time. Vancouver city leaders are discussing ways to fund light rail (something that has yet to be decided by our citizens), and there was a suggestion to increase auto license tabs.

Now the same approach is under way for parks. (A May 22 Columbian story “City mulls ways to fund parks, rail: A tax measure bound for November’s ballot would increase the money dedicated to parks, create a new metropolitan district.”) What is being changed by city management to allow the city to adjust to current economic challenges, except asking for more from taxpayers? I suggest that if one is having a problem walking and chewing gum at the same time, consider giving up the gum.

Seeing bright spots in Northwest skies has never meant to suggest that it’s going to stop raining. It just may be too soon for planning your picnic on the outside lawn. I suggest you might let it clear for a day or two.

John M. Larson