Letter: Flight pattern thundering northward



I have lived in Hough neighborhood for 30 years. For years, PDX has had flights that one could watch south of my porch. These flights, over the years, have increasingly moved closer to my porch, in other words, north toward Vancouver.

I am ex-Air Force and was raised on a military base as a child, and one learns to tell where the position of an aircraft is. I have a reference point in this neighborhood, a 100-foot evergreen tree that was here long before I came along. For numerous years, I watched aircraft fly south of the top of the tree. As of this writing, even the military flights are now flying north of the top of this tree. Needless to say, what we now have in Hough neighborhood is extremely loud jet engine noise.

I noticed these flight pattern changes over Vancouver have seemed to change at the same time that said negotiations were going on with Oregon over the new Interstate 5 bridge. We all know that this bridge is wanted by the city of Vancouver, but why allow air traffic to come over Vancouver’s air space?

Ray Smith