Letter: Military granted free park passes



Today marks the officially observed Memorial Day and the end of a holiday weekend for Americans. We observe Memorial Day to honor our fallen service members from all conflicts in our nation’s history.

This weekend, many of us traveled to parks or campgrounds far from our homes. Others stayed home and had cookouts with friends and family.

Getting out in the parks in Washington is a great way to relax and reflect on why some of us choose to serve and protect by joining our armed forces. I am a lucky veteran who tries to use our public lands when I am able.

Last week our commander in chief granted access passes to parks and monuments for our active-duty military members. The passes will help families who often cannot afford any extras, even on military pay. It will encourage youngsters to play outside. It will offer families opportunities to recreate together while enjoying the fruits of our nation’s labor.

I ask that you take a moment today — and every day if you can — to thank those who serve and remember those who have gone before. Our president has made many families happy with his gesture to troops on behalf of the American people and for that I thank him and all of you.

A.G. Flynn