Letter: Strong animal cruelty laws praised



I was happy to read in the May 17 Columbian story “Animal cruelty laws are tightened,” that Clark County commissioners finally agreed to strengthen animal cruelty laws, especially since a group of us tried to get the ball rolling in 2005 after we witnessed that animal control would not/could not address horse neglect.

I commend Paul Scarpelli for making stronger cruelty codes a reality and for being such a pro-active manager of Clark County Animal Control. He has accomplished more in the short time he has held this position than anyone holding this office since I’ve lived in the county. He is not afraid to “get his hands dirty,” and has gone on calls with the officers to witness firsthand what they are up against. He has increased the revenue for the department by taking measures to enforce animal licensing and being instrumental in doubling cruelty fines.

Scarpelli has actively worked with the nonprofit programs that work with animal control to better the lives of horses and horse owners in the county. He has initiated procedures to improve the work production of the officers. He is respected by the horse community because of his determination and efforts to improve the treatment of horses.

Pat Brown

Battle Ground