Letter: Continue efforts to find funding



Regarding the May 17 Columbian story, “Commissioners target C-Tran bloc veto: Vancouver council members used it to kill vote related to light rail,” I believe that a sales tax for C-Tran is not the best idea. Mayor Tim Leavitt said that ensuring the primary users’ best interest will “weigh heavily” on their consideration “when decisions are being made” regarding the C-Tran system. But if the primary users’ interests are what’s at risk, why would another tax even be an option?

C-Tran is a convenient way to travel and many people ride the bus because they do not have sufficient funds for a vehicle. If the cost of C-Tran rises, what will stop it from continuing to rise in the near future? I see the C-Tran Board of Director’s vote to find funding elsewhere is the better option. It may not always be easy, but funds can always be found in other sources.

Why not choose the option that benefits the most people?

Alexis Wonnacott

Battle Ground