Talking Points: Brewer catches a hotel injury




The injury bug attacked the Milwaukee Brewers, but not on the field — in a hotel room.

Catcher Jonathan Lucroy broke his hand while trying that dangerous maneuver of retrieving a sock.

He was reaching for a sock under his bed when his wife — yeah, always blame the Mrs. — shifted some luggage and the bag fell on Lucroy’s hand. reported that, apparently, the Lucroy family never leaves home without their anvils.

Perhaps they got their bags from Acme.


Lying to Congress is a big deal.

So if someone is accused of lying to Congress, that person deserves his day in court.

But we’re not sure that Roger Clemens nor the team prosecuting him deserves this many days in court.

Clemens might have or might not have lied to Congress back in 2008 in testimony regarding steroids. Whatever he did, we did not need this much:

The prosecution just wrapped up its case after calling 24 witnessesses. We are now in the seventh week of the trial. The defense says it will need two more weeks to say what it has to say.

Whether you believe Clemens or not, this is another example of government waste.

No, not the trial itself.

Just how long it’s taking.

The jurors — just regular folks — have had to sacrifice a lot of time, and probably a lot of time off work — to spend months to determine if someone lied about something we all know happened throughout baseball.

Again, not saying Clemens lied specifically. But all of baseball was lying to the American public throughout the Steroids Era.


The Miami Dolphins have announced that they will be featured in this year’s “Hard Knocks” documentary on HBO.

Of course, since the Dolphins have had only one winning season in the past six seasons, the name will be changed to “Soft Taps.”