Fugitive from Indiana dead in southeast Oregon



PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Authorities say a fugitive from Indiana has died of a gunshot wound in a sparsely populated area of Oregon.

Oregon State Police didn’t further identify the man or say what he was wanted for.

He died of a head wound Wednesday near Burns in southeastern Harney County.

State police Lt. Gregg Hastings said an FBI agent and local officers who had been tipped off about a fugitive drove to the man’s place, but he fled in a pickup truck.

Sheriff David Glerup and Sgt. Brian Needham fired at the pickup as the fugitive drove away.

The man’s body was found in the vehicle about a quarter-mile away. A rifle was next to him.

Police didn’t call the wound self-inflicted, but Hastings said it was unlikely the officers’ rounds hit him.